Newsletter Hosting Services You Might Not Have Known About

Newsletter Hosting Services You Might Not Have Known About

A few years ago, I was closing in on the “free” threshold at Mailchimp and had to make a decision about who I wanted to host my newsletter. I loved (and still love) Mailchimp’s interface and such; however, they are on the higher side of the price model. (And, in recent years, everything changed and they’re even higher on the price side for all of the services I want.)

So I began my research and discovered Mailerlite gave me everything I wanted (mostly) and switched my list to them. Several months later, a spam bot attacked their servers and my open rate declined, so I switched again to Mad Mimi.

Bother Mailerlite and MadMimi provided most all of the services as Mailchimp for a fraction of the price. But, I was still paying monthly quite a bit for an email service. However, I was happy with MadMimi and wasn’t looking to change again.

However, while reading an email on a writer’s loop discussing newsletter services and hosts, someone mentioned that their webhost provider also provided newsletter hosting services.


So, I logged into my webhost (I use Ionos, which is formerly 1and1 – I’ve been with them now for about 18 years) and started digging through their dashboard. I had to get creative with my search terms (because they also are the providers for my emails for my websites, so email is the not the best search term!) and finally found it!

My webhost Ionos provides what they call “email marketing services”, which in our vernacular is newsletter hosting. And – get this – to send up to 10,000 emails a month, they charged $1. YES! ONE DOLLAR.

I assumed it would be very plain and generic and a boring text email would go out. Nope. The interface is strikingly similar to MadMimi’s. I was able to do everything – – my onboarding series, my pictures and columns and links, everything.

I’m not here to advertise Ionos. I don’t even use it anymore. I bought a lifetime plan from AppSumo that I really love, so I switched away from Ionos. The person who originally mentioned it in the discussion used GoDaddy. Other web hosts also provide it. I’m just here to give you the head’s up – if you have a self-hosted website, you probably have access to a super affordable newsletter host, too. You just might be like I was and not know it. It’s worth digging through their dashboard and help topics to discover it.

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