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Gregg and Hallee are available to teach to writers’ groups and conferences. They are happy to utilize technology and teach via teleconference and are willing to travel almost anywhere if their schedules allow it. Please use the contact form at the bottom of this page to inquire about a speaking/teaching engagement.

Popular topics include:

  • Seven Steps to Successful Self Publishing
    Since 2012, Hallee Bridgeman has self-published 35 books, and has sold nearly a million copies. In this workshop, Gregg and Hallee will go over the Seven Steps to Successful Self Publishing, including editing, formatting, metadata, publishing, and marketing.
  • Writing in Layers
    Hallee takes you through her process of writing a full-length novel very quickly by layering in different elements at a time.
  • Growing an Engaged Newsletter List
    Hallee will show how to grow and maintain an active newsletter list. She’ll talk about the tools available to grow a newsletter, how to develop an onboarding drip campaign to engage new readers, and then how to keep them opening and interacting with your newsletter. “Extras” and “special newsletter features” are discussed, as well as breaking down monthly newsletters and special announcements.
  • Writing Realistic Christian Fiction
    We live in a fallen world filled with secular entertainment that entertains millions of fans a day. How can an author write with a Christian worldview, with true-to-life characters and still be relevant in today’s world? Join Hallee Bridgeman as she dissects how to reach a Christian market with real characters, inspiring stories, and entertaining plots without compromising Christian values.
  • Red Hot Squeaky Clean Romance
    As a successful best-selling romance author, Hallee will use favorite movie examples to make your page sizzle with heat while staying squeaky clean
  • Be The 10%
    Agents and editors say that 80%-90% of the submissions they receive aren’t even able to be edited to the point of publication. If you consider that the “best” an author has to submit is what is sent to agents and editors, and that each author believes his or her work is worthy of publication and that a contract is going to result from that submission, then it’s fair to assume that 80%-90% of all self-published books probably weren’t ready for publication. Hallee teaches authors to “Be the 10%”.
  • Building Metadata in Ebooks
    Ebooks are basically electronic code. Tapping Gregg’s cyber-security experience and intellect, he will show how to build metadata in the background of your ebooks to help them become much more discoverable among the millions of other ebooks out there.
  • Creating a Marketing Plan When You Don’t Have a Marketing Degree
    This class defines what a platform is for an author, discusses how to build a platform and utilize that platform to market your books. It covers newsletters, street teams, social media, and in-person marketing opportunities. We will also go over how to be true to your brand as an author so that your online platform presence is consistent through all networks.
  • Writing Mysterious Suspense and Suspenseful Mysteries
    Hallee will go over the different elements that create a truly suspenseful book and well-plotted mysteries.
  • Platform Building for Authors
    Building a Platform A platform is, by definition, a raised place where a speaker stands to be seen and heard. What does a platform mean to an author? Bestselling author Hallee Bridgeman will take you through building a platform, with advice on where to devote your energy and where not to throw your time and energy away.
  • Video Marketing for Authors
    Youtube is the second largest search engine in the world. If authors want to increase their footprint, they need to be producing video marketing material. Bestselling author Hallee Bridgeman will guide you through your options, and give you video ideas.
  • The Ultimate Self-Editing Checklist…and how to use it
    Whether submitting to an agent or editor or self-publishing, a clean manuscript is a must! Follow this checklist to have the ultimate clean manuscript. This workshop covers the origins of the checklist then elaborates on the major parts including having the right spiritual attitude. With that frame of mind, instruction is provided to plan character names, conflict, general plotlines, and how to knock out that first draft super-fast. Then we move into corralling the front and back matter, the most important self-revision steps that every writer MUST perform, and concludes with the nitty-gritty checklist items to result in a very clean manuscript.
  • Stars and Words: Reviewing Book Reviews
    In this class, Gregg Bridgeman covers the 5 essential areas of book reviews every writer needs to understand: types of book reviews., why book reviews are important, how to get reader reviews, how you can get more organic reviews, responding to reviews.
  • He said/She said: Crafting Super Realistic Dialogue
    Short Description: Writers often spend quality time crafting character descriptions to make them look unique in the mind of the reader. Unfortunately, they often end up sounding exactly the same. Gregg Bridgeman provides literally hundreds of practical techniques to make each character sound as unique as they look.
  • Writing a Killer Proposal
    Hallee will take you step-by-step through her 54-page proposal that landed her a 3-book contract with Revell.

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