About Us

Hallee Bridgeman has been teaching “The Seven Steps to Successful Self-Publishing” to writers groups around the world since 2014. This website was created after popular demand from the students in her classes.

Hallee is entirely indie published, and to date has sold over 800,000 books. She and her husband Gregg started Olivia Kimbrell Press, Inc., at the onset of her publishing journey, and now operate it as a small, royalty-paying press. In the months prior to launching OKP and publishing Hallee’s first book in March 2012, they learned everything they could about the business of indie publishing, wanting to do it correctly from the beginning.

In 2013, Hallee and Gregg determined that Hallee should go to every writers’ conference she could get to. In the course of the year, she went to about 20 conferences – a mix of general market romance conferences and Christian writing conferences. What she discovered was that 5 years after the indie publishing truly got started (with the introduction of the Kindle, the opening of Smashwords, and the advent of the POD press designed by Xerox), the romance world was well ahead of the self-publishing game while the Christian world had not even yet accepted it as a good thing. In the Christian conferences, Hallee sat in class after class that taught wrong information, bad information, or archaic information.

After this round of conference attending, Gregg and Hallee determined that the best thing to do would be to teach the Christian writing world the best way to indie publish, the proper way to run an indie publishing business, and the model they use in the publishing world.

Agents and editors say that 80%-90% of the submissions they receive aren’t even able to be edited to the point of publication. If you consider that the “best” an author has to submit is what is sent to agents and editors, and that each author believes his or her work is worthy of publication and that a contract is going to result from that submission, then it’s fair to assume that 80%-90% of all self-published books probably weren’t ready for publication. Hallee teaches authors to “Be the 10%”.

This website is designed to do just that – teach authors to Be the 10%. She prays that you are able to glean valuable information during your time here.

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