Toss Out Male Tropes: Men are More than Black & White

Toss Out Male Tropes: Men are More than Black & White

Part 1: Market Analysis

In part 1, this class walks students through statistical market analysis of books with crossover appeal to both male and female readers. The instructors then share some “ground truth” about men by dispelling popular secular myths about the male sex and delving into what real men really want. By contrasting female characterization, the class reveals vulnerable truths about how to characterize exactly how male characters might think and feel within all types of relationships. Clear and real insight is given into real male sexuality, male-centered worldviews, and the male take on race relations.

Part 2: Male Dialogue

Part 2 builds on that knowledge by providing scenarios and techniques to create or resolve conflict within male and female character speech and gives attendees vital insight into crafting super-realistic dialogue for practically any male character. Dialogue techniques during emotionally charged situations, including arguments and interrogations, is covered.

Part 3: Male Tropes

Part 3 wraps the course up by layering the previously gained knowledge with insight into the narrative. With visualization of what makes a fully three-dimensional character followed by an intense analysis of narrative techniques by putting archetypes, stereotypes, and tropes under the microscope, the instructors share practical demonstrations and tools writers can take home to craft a true-to-life narrative that will appeal to men and women alike.

Class Materials

Students are provided with pre-sorted spreadsheets and thoroughly comprehensive pre-written class notes to allow them to fully participate in the class itself. Biblically centered, organized, clear, delivered with both humor and essential depth in equal measure, this class is a must for any fiction author.

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