Video Marketing Ideas

Video Marketing Ideas

As much as us introverts wish it would, video marketing is not going away. Instead, it has become a vital part of a marketing plan. It allows you to form an emotional connection with your readers, which makes them more likely to buy your book if they’re connected with you. In turn, your audience will feel like they know you and can trust you. Also, people love watching videos.

Remember: you’re connecting with YOUR readers. If you post videos about how to process a fresh deer kill and you write books marketed to vegans, you’re not being smart about your audience

Where should you market your videos?

  • Youtube. Youtube is the second largest search engine in the world, second only to Google (who owns Youtube.) It also has 2 BILLION users. Which means, you need to put your videos on Youtube, and when you do, you need to load them down with relevant tags so that you are discoverable.
  • Instagram. Instagram has over 27 million users. IGTV feeds into your Instagram feed, and you can place it in your story. Instagram stories have been viewed over 400 million times. You can do quick little videos in Instagram stories that are you being you that will really resonate with your followers.
  • Facebook. Facebook has 1.69 billion users. There are settings that allow videos to automatically play. And, if you use Facebook live, those videos are three times more likely to be seen.

Do you need any special equipment?

  • You need a good camera, but most smart phones have great cameras. So, probably not. Unless you have a flip phone like my 72-year-old mother.
  • You probably need a good mic. I wear a lapel mic or use a microphone with a pop filter. I’ve noticed a difference in the quality of my videos when I use a mic and not.
  • You need good light. If you don’t have great windows with good lighting, then investing in a light is a good idea.

What should you talk about?

There are so many things you can talk about to reach your readers – and once you get to know your readers and what they want to hear from you, the easier it is to regularly create videos.

 I sat down and compiled a list of topics – and it took me about 10 minutes to come up with this list. I could probably come up with twice as much if I gave it more time.

  1. Review the latest book you read
  2. Go through your writing process
  3. Share a research fact
  4. Talk about the research of a book
  5. Reveal the cover of your book
  6. Read a review of your book
  7. Have readers submit questions
  8. Interview an author
  9. Highlight part of your home town
  10. Cook
  11. Craft
  12. Talk about writer’s block and how you got past it
  13. Discuss current events
  14. Talk about writer conferences
  15. Explain your writing process
  16. Explain your writing motivation
  17. Talk about your faith
  18. Talk about your favorite Bible verse
  19. Talk about something that inspired you during your quiet time
  20. Talk about your biggest mistake you’ve made as a writer and how you’ve grown from it
  21. Explain how your book is different from others in your genre
  22. Talk through a blog post you’ve written
  23. Give a back stage peak into an event
  24. Go through the ideas process for your book
  25. Talk about character inspiration
  26. Relate something funny that happened to you
  27. Talk about something unique in your life (special needs children, extreme job, etc.)
  28. Showcase your favorite cause or charity
  29. Reveal a possible alternate ending
  30. Launch your new book – do a reading
  31. Explain some struggles you’re going through
  32. Talk about your bookshelf
  33. Share a story you unconvered while researching
  34. Highlight author friends
  35. Explain how your faith intersects with your writing
  36. Something unique about your holiday observance
  37. Talk about your favorite book
  38. Share your favorite memory
  39. Talk about what you did last weekend
  40. Talk about a trip you took
  41. Talk about your daily schedule
  42. Do a tour of your home or office
  43. Unbox your paperback books
  44. Tell a fun fact about yourself

It’s a scary, video driven world out there. But, the best thing you can do is embrace it and claim it as your own. The more you do it, the easier it becomes, and the more your readers will LOVE you.

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