Make Your Editor Cry: A Lot vs. Alot vs. Allot

Make Your Editor Cry:  A Lot vs. Alot vs. Allot

Would you ever write the word “alittle” if your feelings were slightly hurt? Or would you use the article A and the word Little as in your feelings were a little hurt?

While this is pretty clear, if your feelings got hurt a lot or you see a lot of soldiers milling around, for whatever reason there seems to be an inclination to eliminate the space between the article and the word to say feelings got hurt alot or there were alot of soldiers.

You don’t see the correct use of this phrase a lot (see what I did there?) in print because a lot of writers (did it again!) use other expressions like “often,” “many,” “a great deal,” and so on.

The correct word combination is the article “a” and the word “lot” separated by a space as in: a lot.

The word alot isn’t a thing, or, you know, a word.

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