Make Your Editor Cry:

Make Your Editor Cry:

Though cite, site, and sight are often confused, if you can remember cite is short for citation and site is a location, whether it’s online or off, you’ll have the sight to use the words correctly.

Cite is a verb meaning to quote, to summon officially, to mention formally, or even to compliment. It’s also the noun form of the same things, like a formal summons or an official mention. You have to cite your sources when you write a formal paper, but it’s also a nod to wherever you got your idea. To cite something means to do right by whoever said it and give credit where it’s due.

A site is a specified place or designated location, such as a building site, but it’s also short for Website, which is a collection of Web pages that found at the same root URL.

Sight, of course, is vision or something that can be seen. If something is outta sight then it’s fabulous whether you can see it or not.

A gun sight is the mechanical instrumentation used to aim a gun so that you hit your target. A gunsite is a location were a gun is, like a gun pit or a machine-gun nest.

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