Make Your Editor Cry: Language Choice (What is your Nationality?)

Make Your Editor Cry:  Language Choice (What is your Nationality?)

Assuming you reside in these United States of America, and assuming you write for an audience that speaks US English, then it follows that US (American) English should be the standard for the narrative.

Therefore, you must ensure that you use proper word forms for the proper language in the narrative.


Use backward, forward, toward

Never backwards, forwards, towards

Use leaped, learned, creeped, often, amid, kneeled,

Never leapt, learnt, crept, oft, amidst, knelt.

Use acknowledgment, judgment.

Never acknowledgement, judgement.

Use gray.

Never grey.

Use ax, plow.

Never axe, plough.

Use capitalize.

Never capitalise.

Use check.

Never cheque.

Use endeavor.

Never endeavour (NASA can bite it on THAT one).

As for punctuation, dialogue sentences always end inside quotation marks. Do not add additional spaces between quotation marks. All other American English rules of spelling and grammar always apply first before any foreign rules.

In summary, use commonly used and accepted US (American) English spelling and styles.

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