Make Your Editor Cry: Climactic

Make Your Editor Cry: Climactic

Climactic comes from climax, with the x changed to a ct. A climax is the top point of something, so something climactic describes that intense moment. Climactic is often used in the negative, anticlimactic, like when there’s a build-up to something that falls short. Something that is the highest or most exciting point is climactic. This adjective is used to describe a scene, event, or action. If you enjoy a good mystery, you probably love the climactic ending, when you finally find out whodunnit.

Take out the extra “c,” and climatic refers to weather conditions. The word climatic gets thrown around a lot these days. Enough about that. Any climatic changes come from the climate, not the soil. Anything that has to do with weather or other conditions related to climate is climatic. If you’re worried about climatic effects on your skin, you are concerned about winter dryness, UV exposure, windburn, etc.

The novel builds up to a final climactic scene between father and daughter.
In the summer months a different set of climatic factors come into play.

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