Make Your Editor Cry: Allowed vs. Aloud

Make Your Editor Cry:  Allowed vs. Aloud

Allowed is the past tense of the verb allow, meaning to permit, to let happen, to permit entrance, or to acknowledge the truth or acceptability of something. Related words are allows, allowing, allowedly. Allow comes into the English language in the fourteenth century as allouen, from the the Latin word allaudare meaning to praise and the medieval Latin word allocare which means to place.

Aloud means not silently, spoken out loud. Aloud may be used as an adverb or as an adjective. Aloud comes to us in the late fourteenth century by adding the prefix a- to the word loud.


I didn't find the problem with my manuscript until I read it aloud.
I allowed myself to revise the "final" draft one more time. 

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